Planning Board

The Planning Board reviews proposed amendments to zoning ordinances, site plans and plat applications, and also makes recommendations to the Greenevers Board of Commissioners regarding the current and future development of Town of Greenevers.  

Greenevers' Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Greenevers is working on its first-ever Comprehensive Plan to help guide the town’s growth and development. As members of the Greenevers community, your input is one of the most important parts of the Comprehensive Plan.  We are currently seeking feedback from residents about what areas in Greenevers they would like to see preserved, enhanced, or developed.  Please take a minute to review the most recent presentation from the comprehensive plan committee (see Relevant Documents: Comprehensive Plan Power Point Slides).  After you have reviewed the presentation, we ask that you complete the survey below.  


We are working to create a future land use map for the Town of Greenevers. To do this, we want to hear more about what town areas you want to preserve, enhance, and transform. Below you will find a presentation from the last Town board meeting, as well as a survey where you can provide your own thoughts on the future of Greenevers!

Let us know your feedback on the future of Greenevers!

Full Draft Comprehensive Plan

This comprehensive plan is intended to help direct Greenevers’ growth and development. Comprehensive plans can cover a wide range of topics from community visions to housing to provision and financing of public services. Members of the Greenevers community shared their thoughts about Greenevers’ present and future which guide the plan's goals and policies, the future land use map, and implementation strategies.  Please review   The full PDF version of the Draft Greenevers Comprehensive Plan is available for download below.

Proposed Future Land Use Map (Revised)

Proposed Future Land Use Map (Revised)